Banjo is a Australian Cattle Dog or better known as a Blue Heeler. Banjo was adopted from our rescue 5 years ago as a pup of only 8 weeks. He came back into our rescue a few years ago after being found on the streets in Ocala. When I contacted the adopted family they said the family went through a divorce and the wife got the dog but OBVIOUSLY she didn’t want him. Well we do.  We have always had a policy of taking back animals that we adopted out no matter what the circumstances are.  We are very happy that a good hearted stranger contacted us and we got Banjo back. To quote my favorite country singer, “He is not as young as he once was but he is as good as he ever was”! Banjo has a permanent home here at the sanctuary so he never has to be worried about being left on the street again.

Cat adoptions

Due to the fact that we rescue adult dogs of varying breeds etc we have opted not to rescue cats at this time for the safety of our dogs, handlers, and most of all the cats.

We will be glad to offer any assistance we can and we will be glad to refer you to cat only rescues or rehabs.

Holly says come and play with me


Holly was returned to us in September of 2013 after being adopted since she was 8 weeks old. Her family told us that she had a serious skin condition and they couldn’t afford the medication and treatment for her care any more. The good news:  It was only fleas!!!!!! Holly is doing much better now and has a permanent home here at the sanctuary.