What is it that you do, if you don’t rescue anymore? What is a sanctuary?

We were a very successful rescue, and over the years placed many wonderful dogs with great loving families and saved many many lives, but some of the dogs for a variety of reasons remained unadopted or returned to us.  Some were not young pups when rescued and couldn’t get the potential adopters to over look that they were no longer little puppies,  but had some age and wisdom behind those eyes.  Some were returned due to no fault of their own.  Families lost homes, jobs,divorce, new babies, allergies etc.. and the dogs that were once in a fine loving home had to be returned.  We have always made it a policy of this rescue that Bradford County PAWS would take back any animal adopted through us if the family had to give them up.  We never wanted them to end up back at animal control with the potential danger of being euthanized again after  saving them. So many animals at the sanctuary have returned to us after being adopted for several years.  Some returned with health issues such as Holly, and some returned for behavioral issues such as Sookie.  Some even returned with a “doggie friend” (Winston and Chloe) because the family had to “downsize” to an apartment because they lost their jobs.  Whatever the reason, they are now safe and sound at the sanctuary and get lots of love, attention, and medical care as needed for the remainder or their lives.  We love them all!  We made a commitment to the animals when we saved them, and we will see that commitment through until they cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Why are adoption fees so high through rescues?

Adoption Fees: $150-$200

Rescues would love to charge a lower adoption fee for rescued pets, to help them into loving forever homes. Unfortunately, they have to try and recover a PORTION of the cost of vetting rescued animals to continue their mission to rescue homeless unwanted pets.

• Most are not funded by city or county government like Animal Control.

• Most do not have large private donors, corporate sponsors, or marketing departments like the Humane Societies and ASPCA’s.

• Most rely on private donations from caring concerned citizens.

• Most rescue from high kill shelters where they may or may not help off-set the cost of vetting an animal before going out to rescue groups. Rescue groups are called when the animal CAN NOT be adopted out in the condition it is in currently and without the Rescue Groups coming for these animals they are euthanized.  Many of these animals are sick or injured when rescued and require addition care at the rescues expense.

Most REPUTABLE RESCUES provide ALL rescued animals with the following BEFORE adopting them:

Description Average Cost
Spay or Neuter $60-$100 +
Vaccinations $40-60 +
Fecal Testing (for parasites) $30 +
Heartworm Testing & treatment $30-$600 +
Micro chipping $10 +
Flea Medication $15 each month in rescue
Heartworm Preventative $15 each month in rescue
Bath and Grooming $15 each month in rescue
All other treatments needed $10-????
Dog Food and Special need Foods $100-500 per month
Boarding-donated foster homes $0 – ?????

We hope you can understand the only way that rescues are able to continue to rescue and save animals in need from these shelters, is by applying your adoption fee to the next lucky animal that is saved from euthanization. So please adopt from a reputable rescue that serves your community.  Don’t shop at a pet store, or back yard breeder.  By adopting from a rescue you are not only saving their life but your adoption fee can save the life of the next one too.